Why should you deal with a head hunter?

26 04 2010

As you all know, I often have to head hunt candidates in my daily work. Many times, candidates ask me why they should go through a head hunter like me instead of dealing directly with the companies. Our role is more than just linking candidates with jobs. Many people do not fully understand the work that I do, and I will do my best to explain it to you, so you can get to know me and my work a little better 🙂

International relocation

It can sometimes be difficult to evaluate what position is offered in other countries, as well as what are the norms in term of salary. The cost of living and the salary scales are something that changes from one country to another, and it can be confusing to set your goals when you don’t have any comparison to make. My role as a headhunter is to advise you in your expectations as a candidate, since I have an overview of the salary scales internationally, as well as the costs of living in different cities. It basically helps you not to make the mistake to have too high or too low salary expectations.

Confidential positions

When it comes to senior or high level positions, it might happen to companies to not post these jobs, for strategy or project confidentiality reasons. When it comes to confidential positions, companies deal with headhunters like me to make sure the information is kept confidential. A headhunter might have positions you have not seen posted anywhere else.

Confidentiality in your job search

It can sometimes be delicate to look for work without your colleagues finding out about it. A headhunter can do your research for you, and tell you where to openings are, without you have to send your resume everywhere. A good agent will make sure your personnal info is given only to the key people that will keep this confidential.

Privileged contact with the decision makers

In general, a headhunter has privileged link with the companie’s directors. He or she will present your profile and will be able to give a lot more information about you that just an application form. He or she will represent you and highlight your strenghts, kind of like an artist manager would do.

Salary negociation

Many people are not really confortable to talk about salary with a potential employer. A headhunter basically does that everyday, and can be a great agent to help you get a fair offer, without you asking for a too high or too low salary. An agent will talk with you and determine a reasonable expectation, taking in consideration the scales on the market, your experience, and your expectations.

When should I NOT deal with a headhunter?

Headhunters are, in general, paid to find specific people, that companies are struggling to find. If you are a new graduate, or a junior candidate, I would not recommend that you deal with a headhunter, since there is a cost for the company at the time of your hiring. Since there are many junior candidates on the market, a company sometimes can not afford paying an agency to hire a junior candidate. For new graduates and junior candidate, I recommend you directly apply online, you will increase your chances this way.

So that was it guys! I hope it helps you understand my work a little better, and do not hesitate to contact me if you would like me to post about a specific project. I will you all job searchers good luck in your future opportunities!




One response

28 04 2010

To be honest, I’ve always found the whole hiring process through a hh to be not only easier but also really trustful in the end. And for many many reasons, some of them:

1. It’s easier to share your real concerns about salary and expectations with a person who might eventually really get to know you better than even your actual employer. You just said it, it becomes more like a relationship between someone who represents you, and you; just like actors do, for example.

2. I’ve known many horror stories from people who get confirmation of a job, they quit their current, and then they get to know that the whole “deal” is just not going to happen, leaving them on a very bad position.

3. If you already have a background or recommendation from your hh about a company, you can just concentrate on dealing with your future employer on things like what you can do to make things better there, and why they should hire you, instead of trying to figure out how the company is like or if it will be the right choice to make.

4. You might even get a call for the next big thing the day you least expect it !!

5. Just today I was in a completely urgent situation and I really felt like I have someone I could trust. Like the doctor you always consult when you feel sick.

The one you know you can trust.

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