I’ve been working in the gaming industry for almost five years and meeting such talented people who are working on such big projects inspires me. The video game industry is young and dynamic and having daily contact with the colourful people who work in it is truly a pleasure. This blog is to give my recruiter advice on many subjects, as well as share with you news and hot topics in the gaming industry.


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5 07 2010


Great articles ! I learned from each :).
I have few questions :
I am 25, I’ve been working since 2007 in a French (unknown) software company. Since 6 month, I’m looking to an another job and especially in the video game industry.
I have a 3 years degree in IT and I wonder if taking back studies is a good idea … any clue ?



8 07 2010

Hi Joe! It depends in what you want to specialize. If you are looking into being a programmer on console games, i suggest you work your C++ and apply on entry level programming positions in gaming companies. Programmers are always wanted in these companies. If you want to be more on the IT side, all companies have IT techs! : -)

Networking is the key, so you should get in LinkedIn and try to connect with people from the companies you could be interested in.

I hope that helps!

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